• Ken Fee
    Dave if you feel this approach is not the way you want people to do things as a possibility, please delete the post. First for a few reasons I haven't worked races in quite some time, but this is what i have done in the past. The initial few days back.
    Races: 31
    Pays: 21
    Race%: 68%
    Bet: 608
    Return: 1,270.86
    AvgPay: $6.17
    Results: 662.86 Flat Bet: -82.08
    Adv: 109.02%
    $net: $4.18 Flat $Net: $1.73
    Avg Bet: $19.61

    Rebate: 0.00

    Results: 662.86
    Adv: 109.00%
    with Rebate
    Action: 608.00
    Return: 1,270.86
    Results: 662.86
    Adv: 109.02%
    HOLD: 109.02%

    Race Report
    Session      Race       Bet   Return   Rebate  Refunds      Won       Today
    *****  6/30/24***** 
               1 LRL01       20    76.80                      56.80          57+
               2 AQU01       20   105.00                      85.00         142+
               3 WO 01       20    90.75                      70.75         213+
               4 MTH02       20                                                     193+
               5 WO 02       20    44.10                      24.10         217+
               6 AQU03       20    45.50                      25.50         242+
               7 AQU04       20                                                     222+
               8 MTH06       20    84.70                      64.70         287+
               9 WO 05       20                                                     267+
              10 AQU06       20    29.40                       9.40         276+
    *****  7/05/24***** 
              11 ELP01       20                                                     256+
              12 GP 01       20    45.00                      25.00         281+
              13 LRL02       20    29.90                       9.90         291+
              14 WO 02       20    22.80                       2.80         294+
              15 AQU02       20   108.00                      88.00         382+
              16 AQU03       20    44.50                      24.50         406+
              17 LRL05       20    60.00                      40.00         446+
              18 WO 04       20                                                   426+
              19 LRL06       20                                                     406+
              20 GP 06       20    42.90                      22.90         429+
              21 LRL07       20                                                    409+
              22 LRL08       20                                                    389+
              23 WO 07       20                                                   369+
              24 LRL09       20    36.00                      16.00         385+
    *****  7/06/24***** 
              25 LRL08       20    58.50                      38.50         424+
              26 AQU08       20                                                    404+
              27 ELP08       20   107.80                      87.80         492+
              28 WO 07       20    46.75                      26.75         518+
              29 ELP09       20    52.11                      32.11         551+
              30 WO 10       20    89.95                      69.95         620+
              31 HAW09        8    50.40                      42.40         663+
    Sorry for the formatting best I could do. Next post the process I chose to use.
    [DES edit] Ken, take a look at how I wrapped your text in Code tags.
    I'm going to put a short video on formatting on the agenda. Everyone needs to know how to do that.
  • Ken Fee
    Full Disclosure, I am an HSH subscriber and user since time began :rofl: . One thing I have added to this process is an object called and created by the great Ira Yorn. I play dirt and Turf with a maximum of 1 FTS.
    First step: I go through the tracks I play and open each race. If the AI won't play it neither will I.
    Second step: I hit AI HCP and then open the AI Race and only play Chaos 5 races.
    These steps are done the night before or early in the morning, so that I'm fresh for the first race I play and approach it without feeling rushed or any anticipation.
    Third Step: I go to Reports. I use the aML object and use any horse who is in the pct column at 10 or higher.
    Fourth Step: same process as Step 3 but now I use the IRA object- you can substitute with the Trainer report on second page of reports.
    I now have anywhere from 3 to 5 contenders.
    Fifth Step: I check if there is a BALO. Whether there is or not is not that important to me except for confidence in tossing that low price horse.
    Sixth Step: Toss the BALO
    Seventh Step: Go to DEEP button and confirm that my contenders are both in Collective Speed and Collective Power (not a 99)
    Eighth and Final Step: Toss low price Contenders that are D or lowers.
    Wait for race and let the odds separate based on my AI BH grade and odds.

    Will now do races for today in next screen-prior to scratches.
    [DES edit] Again, take a look at the tags.
  • Ken Fee
    7/7/24 Day at the Races. Pre Scratch- NO OFF tracks

    WO Race 2- Contenders 6,7,2 both 6 &7 are A horse so that's my bet - $13 on 6 and $7 on the 7
    depending on odds. If 2 may become a play depending on the odds.
    LRL Race 5- Contenders 1,10,2. 1 & 2 are both A+ so that's the bet. The 10 is an F. $13 on 2 and 7 on
    the 1 depending on the odds.
    LRL Race 7- Contenders 3,4,5,10. 3 and 4 are both A+ so thats the bet. The 5 & 10 are both F horses.
    $12 on the 4 and $8 on the 3 depending on odds,
    WO Race 5 - Contenders 1,5,6,7. 1 and 5 the bet depending on odds. $ 12.00 on the 1 and $8 on the
    ELP Race 7- Contenders 1,2,7,9. 2 and 1 are the bet depending on odds. $12.00 on the 1 and $8.00 on
    the 2.
    AQU Race 8- Contenders 2,6,4,3. 2 and 4 are the bets depending on odds. $ 11.00 on the 4 and $ 9.00
    on the 2.
    ELP Race 9- Contenders 2,6,10,3. 2 and 6 are the bets depending on odds. $ 11.00 on the 6 and $
    9.00 on the 2.
    WO Race 9- Contenders 2,4,1,8. 1 and 4 are the bets depending on the odds. $14.oo on the 4 and $6
    on the 1.
    GP Race 10- Contenders 10,5,8. 5 and 8 are the bets depending on the odds. $ 12.00 on the 5 and $
    8.00 on the 8.
    HAW Race 8- Contenders 2,5,12. $13.00 on the 5 and $ 7.00 on the 2.
    HAW Race 9- Contenders 3,2,5,9. $ 13.00 on the 3 and $7.00 on the 2.
  • john g
    I looked at WO 2 yesterday and it was chaos 2. 6 is an F and 7 was an A.
  • Ken Fee
    Ok yesterday was 7/6.
    ***** 7/06/24*****
    25 LRL08 20 58.50 38.50 424+
    26 AQU08 20 404+
    27 ELP08 20 107.80 87.80 492+
    28 WO 07 20 46.75 26.75 518+
    29 ELP09 20 52.11 32.11 551+
    30 WO 10 20 89.95 69.95 620+
    31 HAW09 8 50.40 42.40 663+

    I didn't play the 2.. The races I posted for TODAY I have the WO 2. Sorry for any confusion. I did lead with 7/7/12 Day at the Races
  • john g
    I apologize. I was looking at 7/6 and not 7/7
  • Ken Fee
    No need for an apology. It happens to everyone :grin:
  • john g
    Being an HSH subscriber you must have excellent objects/factors that can pick contenders. So many great factors to choose from
  • Jim Parker
    Ken, I used your process for a couple of races that you used for 7/5 and got close to the same results. I believe the reason for the small difference was that I had to use the "Trainer" report instead of the IRA object which I don't have and for some reason I also don't have it in HsH if I do I probably gave it "the object" a different name, maybe you can shed some light on what factors it is using and I'll look for it.
  • Ken Fee
    Hi John, there are many more Handicappers on this board that are much better than I am with all the objects. What I have found is it's a very fluid game and when you start using esoteric factors that work they just as quickly don't. That is from my perspective anyways. So it comes down for me to have a solid base. I find the aML usually put's me on very solid horses. I then add the trainer factor where you will find quite a few of the higher priced winners. The key is always VALUE. I try to never be in a race with a really strong favorite. That's why I really like the BALO principle. The software is also great grabbing me the CHAOS races really quickly which is where I always start. Then I try to never chase a horse. By that I mean if in that Wo race if that 6 or 7 are below 3/1 when I bet I either pass the race or grab the next contender. When I bet 2 horses it's imperative to remember you're betting $4 but being paid for $2, that's what I love about HSH it allows me to proportion those bets. Sorry to be so long winded. Everyone dreams of becoming a professional handicapper but until you are ABLE to use sizeable bets, you need to be an exceptional handicapper.
  • john g
    That's a great perspective for sure! Love to hear new ideas and what others are doing!!
  • Ken Fee
    Jim I will tell you but you can't let any else know :rofl: This was the fixed one before the iterations that followed. I would love for Ira to jump in as this was all him and better to have the Master answering questions
    38 rTrnRtg 100%
    152 rcJky 62%
    1620 rtTrk 38%
    153 rcTrnr 24%
    1610 rjSurf 15%

    Impact power 2.39

    If I knew how to do a screen shot I would post it. The only thing I seen was something that put my computer with a link.
  • Jim Parker
    Ken, I couldn't find that object I have so many Analyst's and as you know each Analyst has several objects, so what I did was, I created that object and copied it to the clipboard, and I know that I can paste it somewhere in DET not sure of how I do this do you know how and if so please carry on....
  • john g
    Hi Jim. I believe you go to HSH and mark the object. copy the object. open DT and go to reports. select insert. then hit pasted HSH Object in top left corner of the insert. I think Dave has a video on this.
  • ponyplayer
    Windows screen shot:

    Windows key - shift - S
    all 3 at the same time will give you a drag window
    on your screen. Drag it (hold down left mouse button
    and hold it down) to cover what you want.
    When you release the left mouse button, it will copy
    your box to the clipboard. Then, just paste to where you want.
    Put cursor where you want the window. Right click and then paste.
  • Jim Parker
    Don't see a video that does that spefic process, anyway I'm ready to paste it into the Reports BUT do I paste it into the PRIME report or Where ??
  • john g
    load prime set. once you load hit the insert button (2nd to the right). Once open then paste the HSH object top left.
  • john g
    Jim in the video I posted above. look at the 40 minute mark.
  • Jim Parker
    Got it, thanks I'm watching this video now I'll get it, slowly but surely .... thanks again that just saved me 40 mins. ...
  • Ken Fee
    Thanks, John, for the link. Was super easy bringing that over from HSH. Jim I didn't know I was going back and forth between programs. John just saved me time, which at my age I most definitely treasure:grin:
    On that IRA, I like it better than the Dynamic one that was built.
  • Jim Pommier
    Quick question. The aML and IRA reports. Is this and/or-- or does the horse have to be 10 or higher in both? Or simply 10 or higher in either?
  • Ken Fee
    Either. aML will usually give you the 4 lowest odds horses. The IRA will usually give you similar horses with one or two higher odds horses. The object is to be on a strong horse and maybe a less strong horse but with a strong Trainer. Trainers usually have a reason for putting a horse in a race, If he is a top trainer he didn't get that way losing races. So maybe he knows something about his horse we don't see or maybe the horse shouldn't be there, It does hit often enough at a price to be part of my thinking. Again this is a simple process not the yellow brick road so make it your own. Do what works for you :grin: I find when I then go to collective speed and collective power I am able to separate the wheat from the chaff.
  • Ken Fee
    Will post results after the day but Wo Race 2 the 6 won at 11.90 with the 2 second giving a $99 dollar exacta if you play them. Again you might want to look into Dave's Sessions play which I am a big proponent of and use whenever I wager
  • Dave Schwartz
    People, may I suggest that we all begin using the HEART symbol in the lower right corner of a post when you see it was meaningful, important, or on whatever scale you see it.

    This will help new people to get an idea of who the contributors are.
  • Jim Michalak
    ken: i am fairly new to hsh. why the focus on chaos 5 races? thank you mightily for your contribution! :grin:
  • Ken Fee
    Jim, I'm not looking to have a lot of low priced winners. I didn't bet the Laurel 5th because my top choice went below 3 to 1 and the 10 horse wasn't being bet. Although it will show as a loss on my report so I can track my picks. So my thought process is a Chaos race implies just that. People will be confused when looking at the entries in the race. Giving me richer odds then in a No Chaos or Chaos 1. Where everyone and his brother are seeing the same horses as I am. Can't give you any statistics, just feel my data is good and most don't have it so I want the best prices I can Get. Hope this helps
  • Dave Schwartz
    Do you see how Ken Fee has managed to Build a SCENARION STRATEGY?

    See how he has worked through a thought process for how a SCENARIO such as this should be handled.

    @Ken Fee correct me if I am wrong, but I'm betting this conclusion was a trial and error process that took effort. Did you have to tinker with it much?
  • Ken Fee
    Everything takes effort. Took growth of a mindset. First an acceptance that losing happens more often than winning. So needed to eliminate the focus on winning and move to a focus on MAKING money. They are not the same. If most people lose money doing it, does it make sense doing what they are doing? Answer is no. So I needed to develop a method that puts me on live horses with inflated odds. It isn't a set it and forget it thing. As I pointed out, I didn't play the Laurel 2nd because at below 3-1 I was setting myself up to be a loser even if I won the race.

    Not sure if this is what you were looking for Dave
  • Ken Fee
    Watch for scratches- they are going to change some of the picks. Go through the steps and you should wind up on the same horses as I do. Remember Toss that BALO!
  • john g
    thank you for sharing, Ken!
  • Ken Fee
    My pleasure John, I hope you can find something useful in it.
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