• Dave Schwartz
    I have begun building videos to explain The deTerminator software.

    A few things I'll say up front.

    First, thank you to all who sent those kind words.

    I understand that there's a sentiment among horse bettors that "No computer can outthink me." Just remember that the whales have crushed us in mass to the point where the game has been all-but-ruined.

    Therefore, computer software absolutely CAN outperform us. (I am certainly not immune to this myself.)

    The AI Age is just arriving.
    To my knowledge, The deTerminator is the first modern age AI of substance to tackle racing.

    I assure you that this is not a case of "throwing a bunch of columns into a database and see what comes out."

    I ask that you suspend your disbelief as you watch the videos.

    If all goes well, the videos should begin to trickle in during next week.

    1. While deTerminator can certainly make black-box picks, that is not what it was designed for.

    Know that it is NOT HSH.

    Yes, I did pull in much of the 15,000+ hours of coding from HSH, but only a small amount of it is used, and what is used is mostly behind the scenes.

    • There are actually only 3 handicapping screens.
    • There is no database.
    • You have everything you need on day one.
    • You do not train the AI.
    • Everyone gets the same output - but you can actually adjust that to make your output unique to you.
    • You do not have to be a power user, but power users can choose to go deeper.
    • You can still do pace handicapping or you can let the AI do the pace handicapping for you.

    2. A PRIMARY GOAL is to level the playing field with the whales.

    Simply put, the game has gotten too difficult.
    3. We will accomplish this by providing NEW information - information that even the whales do not have. And, if they did have it, they could not do it without a drastic shift in how they handicap.

    They would literally have to start over again.
    I'll explain how and why this works early on.
    4. Another PRIME GOAL is for you to pretty much keep doing what you are doing now.

    In other words, I want deTerminator to enhance what you're doing rather than you having to change to something drastically different.
    5. Here are a few highlights of what you can expect to see over the next couple of weeks:
    • How to stop being hornswoggled by odds changes after the gate opens. In fact, most of the time you will KNOW AHEAD OF TIME who the whales are going to bet.
    • How to know which race is chaotic and likely to result in a big payoff. This will be a must for Tournament players.
    • How to START with likely longshots.
    • How to find BALOs - Bet Against Low Odds horses.
    • How to structure tickets to LEVERAGE the advantages in ways you've probably never even considered.
    • How to know which call in the race is likely to be THE KEY CALL. Perhaps more import, to know which call the WHALES think is important.

  • Jim Pommier
    Thanks for the update. I was thinking about this the other day. Look forward to seeing the videos.
  • Dave Schwartz
    Tuesday, May 21st
    A SHORT update

    I have 8 bugs that I know of - 3 are real traffic stoppers.

    I am taking a couple of days to slay the big bugs then will return with more videos.

  • ponyplayer
    :lol: on the delay

    Thought you said that deTerminator is to be used for:
    Dirt = yes
    All-Weather = yes
    Turf = NO

    Did I hear that right??
  • Dave Schwartz
    I said that I was only doing demos currently on non-turf.
  • ponyplayer

    I know how good your stuff is after having bought almost everything you have done
    and I use it daily. I've been waiting breathlessly since Breeder's Cup and the anticipation
    has been killing me.

    Your transformation into Dave Schwartz - rippling muscles - rock hard body - chiseled
    facial features - portend a trip into handicapping nirvana (you do look years younger).

    I bow to your greatness and willingness to share it with those of us who cannot do what
    you can do!! You have a gift and it is so appreciated.
  • Dave Schwartz
    Aside from your wonderful use of metaphors - the rippling muscles part was by far the best - I am humbled by your comment.

    Thank you.

    It's coming real soon.
    I am assuming that you're an HSH user. Reach out quickly so I may offer you a wonderful discount on the new software.
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