• Chuck
    Understand, Tom A in his book about the amount of angles available and as I explore deeper into the using functional math just in terms of predicting possible dip in speed an increase in speed or the type of speed needed for a horse to run along with impact values how you ended up with 4000 objects to be considered within a horses possibility running.

    I have been trying to constantly make my handicapping project shorter and it keeps getting longer. I am not sure what to do..........as I keep testing.... Today..Race # 6 Parx form the Daily Racing Form free pp I use as the Sport of Kings used in their daily race of the day tournament. So Speed pointed to the eventual fav. # 9 and then the 6-5-4. Then after I forecasted distance speed, fastest speed, with LR, the only horse that did not belong in one are of the conversation was the # 5 based on LR.. which was a long distance 1 1/8M in a class drop where he is a beaten fav and a Tx2 effort. So. the 9 on the drop bad post and runs a dud, the other Ness horse wins based just on speed forecast his speed only needed to change improve the smallest amount in terms of a number. Makes you wonder do I need to do all these class figures, the pace/sartin method, the Post positon/Jockey/Trainer stats etc. Because more and more it is the speed figures are very accurate if done properly.. Because the more I do, the more factors I keep adding to the arsenal?????? And it keeps taking longer and longer?
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  • Dave Schwartz
    The idea is to make it SIMPLER instead of more complex.
    (BTW, nobody actually USES 4,000 factors, right? Or even 400.)

    You accomplish that by constantly working to slim down your data set.

    First, you have to actually HAVE a data set.
  • Chuck
    Yes.. I keep coming up with different experimental ideas to see if they work or fit.. Many times they end up with the same result, the favorite goes off as the fav. and the speed is the speed. like the Impact Values. state, the truth is handicapping is handicapping, as you add or try to quicken to being at least the proper contenders which helps bring the numbers much closer.. I hope to purchase new version of the impact value seminar and book..
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