• Dustin Korth
    Might be a longshot but does anyone know of a site/resource that would make this easier:

    I'm looking for runners that ran to pars. So for example if Churchill @ 6F has a par of 45.2 / 1:10.0, I'm just scrolling through Formulator PPs until I find a runner that has a running line close to that. It's quite tedious and time-consuming and perhaps someone knows where I could scroll through running lines much easier?
  • Dave Schwartz
    Do you mean "Have ever run to today's par?"

    I like this idea.

    I am aware of no such tool, but it could be accomplished with some code in my future software - target for release is a few weeks away.
  • RanchWest
    Quick Grid has a count of races at or above par minus 5. It is on the Speed Deep Dive grid. It is a comparison to BRIS pars, not raw times. Quick Grid uses BRIS data files (single file or Multicaps).
  • Dustin Korth

    Yep, any running line at all for any horse that happened to run close to both 4F and Final par. I'm looking for discrepancies in different sites' figures.

    2 random horses from 2 different tracks both running to that particular tracks' 4F/Final par (as well as similar TV) should yield similar figures. However, there seems to spots where they don't. I want to see if measuring this theoretical margin of error and adjusting for it yields an edge over other users of those particular figures. Possibly a lot of work for nothing but I have time so oh well...
  • Tony Kofalt
    Dave/Dustin, I believe Dave uses a rating he calculates for each race which is based on running lines for entrants. I don't recall the specific name for the rating. In short, the rating represents a PAR for each race based on entrants instead of race conditions. For example, we've all seen $10,000 claiming races that appear much weaker or stronger than an 'average' race.
    This rating may be an alternative to PAR yielding better results.
  • Dave Schwartz

    Tony is correct.
    The challenge is that a $16k claiming race may really be anything from a $10 to a $25k race. Usually plus/minus 2 levels.

    That's why I recommend using a strength of race rating instead of par.

    My new software is really getting closer now.
    It will blow your mind with stuff just like what you're talking about.

    I guarantee that you've seen nothing even approaching it before.

    Stay tuned.
  • Tony Kofalt
    That is the rating Dave, thank you.
  • Jim Parker
    Just a short comment about what is being discussed here, quite some time ago I created an "Object" with 6 appropriate "strength" factors which I applied only against my contenders it proved out to be VERY strong in pointing to the Best contender.
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