• RanchWest
    After reading input from another thread, I think a lot of people would like to participate if it can be more fun than burden. I have suggestions, but I am open to changes. So, I suggest the following:

    1) Pick a minimum of 5 races per week, Monday through Sunday. No limit to the number of races one MAY enter. Failure to pick 5 races in a week will result in a $20 loss per race short of the 5 races.
    2) $20 to win per race, can be distributed among any number of horses (dutched).
    3) Picks must be made 5 minutes before post time of that race
    4) Person with biggest PROFIT for the Saratoga season wins..If nobody has a profit, the person with the least loss wins
    5) There is no cap on payouts. If you have a horse that pays $200 to win, you did good..
    6) The prize is bragging rights... there is no prize.
    7) There is no entry deadline, but penalties for non-participation accrue from the beginning of the season, up to $100 per week.

    I am trying to set this up similar to real life handicapping. As stated above, these are suggestions. All thoughts welcomed.
  • Conley
    I like it!

    Count me in Ranch! But for now, Saratoga will race Thursday-Sunday this week then Wednesday-Sunday until the end of the meet which ends on a Monday correct?

    This format is kind of like a "Race Of The Day" which I would rather do than grind out multiple races and more of a hassle than help

    Good luck to everyone I hope to participate well during this contest! :)
  • RanchWest
    Maybe we should call a week Tuesday through Monday so we are not required to do 5 races on that last Monday.
  • Conley
    Yea that sounds like a good plan

    Have already started looking at the card on Thursday might have to use the 5 races on that day alone ;)
  • Tony Kofalt
    Sounds great Ranch. Thanks for helping to organize this. Where will we post selections?
  • RanchWest

    I have started a thread in the Selections section for this first week. There will be a new thread each week. Please note that in that first week thread we are discussing changing to making all selections before the first race. If that is not satisfactory, we need your input.
  • Tom
    I would rather be able to see the odds before I bet, but it will be very hard to control the timing that way, since the posts are not real-time stamped, so I would vote for post before the first race postime.
  • RanchWest
    Okay, so far no opposition to posting selections before the first race. Let's give it until noon Wednesday. If nobody has indicated concerns by then, the rule will need to be changed

    Thanks for the input.
  • RanchWest
    Nobody expressed opposition, so the rule will be to make selections before the post time for the first race.
  • RanchWest
    We need to discuss scratches. Any thoughts?
  • RanchWest
    I suggest that scratches be a refund, but the wager does not count toward the $100 weekly requirement. Any opposition?
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