• To Own Your Handicapping Day...

    The "#BALO" is a hashtag which makes it searchable.

    "BALO" means "Bet Against Low Odds."

    How do we find the BA LO horse?RanchWest
  • To Own Your Handicapping Day...

    Wanna hear something funny? Actually, have you ever asked someone that question and get a "NO" for a response?

    That's not what's really funny. I didn't have my glasses on when you wrote

    BALO - I like it!Dave Schwartz

    I read it as BALD - I like it!

    What is #BALO for?
  • To Own Your Handicapping Day...

    You must win the battle of the of The Low Odds Horses.
    To win the battle of the low-odds horses, you must own the bet-against favorites.
    Your BA routine matters more for your success than almost anything else.

    If you don't get this right, you're sabotaging yourself before you even start.

    That's why I've spent years researching what causes a low-odds horse to lose money.

    Over the last 5 years, I've watched the whales dominate the game more and more. So much so that their wagers (and the resulting odds shifts) have destroyed the paradigm that handicappers have used for decades: Create a line and bet into the tote board.

    Initially, I was able to find one horse every three races that were bet against. (BAs as I call them.) Those horses for years returned $0.89 for every $2 wagered - a loss of 55 cents per wagered dollar. Now, I've expanded it to over 50% of all races, but they lose a little less: about 40%.

    Imagine what happens when you can identify a big-time losing proposition that is backed by 30% to 70% of the pool. It's called POOL RECOVERY.

    Effectively, backers of the BA horse are paying your takeout!

    I know that many players MISTAKENLY BELIEVE they can accomplish this by simply tossing all the low-odds horses. Since they are tossing them all, they've gained nothing. The fact is that the horses they are tossing out are actually the best bets at the race track because they lose less than the higher odds horses.

    If you've feeling stuck in your handicapping...
    And you KNOW that there's another level you could reach.
    A level where you are actually WINNING and handicapping in LESS time.
    You're right.

    The only thing standing between you and your handicapping goals are the systems and routines you're using right now.

    I'll close with this...
    You cannot win in The Whale Era with handicapping strategies from the 1990s.

    #BetAgainst #BA #PoolRecovery #BALO

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