• Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    Great job Conley!!Tony Kofalt

    Thanks Tony!
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    Thrilled for you.

    Love how this is going.
    Dave Schwartz

    Thanks Dave! I appreciate you saying that and following my journey on being a public handicapper :)
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper

    Thank you very much! Happy with the results and couldn’t thank God enough times for the success I have been having this year at Grand River! :)
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    6/13/22 Results
    6/10 Top (60.0%)
    8/10 T2 (80.0%)
    8/10 T3 (80.0%)
    9/10 T4 (90.0%)

    2022 Season Stats
    18/44 Top (40.9%)
    26/44 T2 (59.0%)
    32/44 T3 (72.7%)
    39/44 T4 (88.6%)
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    Be careful! You're going to give track handicappers a good name. :lol:

    I've seen track handicappers who were a fairly certain bet against.

    Keep up the good work!

    I know right! Thanks Ranch!
  • 2022 Belmont Stakes
    :6: Mo Donegal 5/2

    :2: Skippylongstocking 20-1

    :4: Rich Strike 7/2

    :1: We the People 2-1

    I just hope 'Donegal can get a good trip to take it all plus I really want to see Skippylongstocking get a top 3 finish I included the Derby winner (Rich Strike) and Peter Pan winner (We the People) underneath in my exotic tickets! Good luck to everyone playing this year's Belmont Stakes!
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    6/10/22 Results
    4/10 Top (40.0%)
    7/10 T2 (70.0%)
    9/10 T3 (90.0%)
    9/10 T4 (90.0%)

    2022 Season Stats
    12/34 Top (35.2%)
    18/34 T2 (52.9%)
    24/34 T3 (70.5%)
    30/34 T4 (88.2%)
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    6/8/2022 Results
    5/10 Top (50.0%)
    5/10 T2 (50.0%)
    7/10 T3 (70.0%)
    8/10 T4 (80.0%)

    2022 Season Stats
    8/24 Top (33.3%)
    11/24 T2 (45.8%)
    15/24 T3 (62.5%)
    21/24 T4 (87.5%)
  • 2022 Belmont Stakes
    I thought that posts 1-6 horses were drawn well but don't disown posts 7-8 as the winning posts last 5 years have been 2 7 8 1 2

    We The People has a excellent rail position and even Rich Strike post 4 is solid

    Will post rest of what I like later in the week (Friday evening + Saturday morning)
  • 2022 Belmont Stakes
    The 154th Running of The Belmont Stakes field is set:
    2022_Belmont_Stakes_field_615x400_2 (48K)
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    Hope things are going well with your new gig, Conley! Continued best wishes.RanchWest

    Yes, all good thanks Ranch! Here are my current stats as of Friday

    3/14 (21.4%) Top Selections
    6/14 (42.8%) T2 Selections
    8/14 (57.1%) T3 Selections
    13/14 (92.8%) T4 Selections
  • Ticketmaker
    Scroll up a couple of posts.

    @RanchWest was kind enough to post it.
    Dave Schwartz

    Yes I can see that thanks

    I cannot seem to download as a exe (I changed the file to exe) but it says I cannot open due to being a Microsoft file on a Apple
  • Ticketmaker
    I have one called Exotic Wager Calculator. The executable is named EWC2.EXE. It is free. If you can't find it, I can email it to you. It does up to 20 horses for verticals up to 6 and horizontals up to 8, amounts .05, .10, .20, $1, $2, $3, $5, $10.RanchWest

    I thought I had the same exotic calculator but can’t find the file for it darn
  • Congrats to Conley
    Enjoy the new job Conley and Best of LUCK !!William Zayonce

    Thank you William should be a FUN summer! :)
  • Congrats to Conley
    before your time i guess....

    Adam Sandler was getting paid for piano lessons , from that old lady , in meatballs

    OK I understand it now don't remember watching that movie ever but thanks for the laugh
  • Congrats to Conley
    Nice going Conley.....

    Should keep you busy......

    PS.......I hope your getting some money doing this LOL


    Thanks HorseSense!

    Not sure what you mean about the video though?
  • Congrats to Conley
    Congrats! That is going to be an amazing experience!Ray Wallin

    Thank you Ray! I enjoy your writeups on US Racing
  • Congrats to Conley
    Congrats, go get some winners :fire:Dustin Korth

    Thanks Dustin! Got all info I need now ;)
  • Congrats to Conley
    Congrats! Nice achievement.Tom

    Thank you Tom!
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    Great news, Conley! We need more people like you who are passionate about the sport! Best wishes!RanchWest

    Thank you for the kind words Ranch! I appreciate you saying that!