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    Profit is a Profit no matter how small! Now I'm sounding like Dr. Seuss lol

    Nice pickings Ranch
  • Have you ever?
    That’s pretty sweet actually how ThoroBrain did such a thing

    Thanks Tony
  • Have you ever?
    Yes always I have thought to get AI to make me rich lol

    But in all seriousness, I think that AI will most definitely help anyone in this game and there are probably a lot of ways that AI can be used to handicap and find the winners

    AI can also be used to make new handicapping products for the public which I would find fascinating for the possibilities that this can have whether that be past performances or selections etc

    See what the future of AI has in store for us!
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    A friend sent me 10 years of NBA data in exactly what I wanted.Dave Schwartz

    Does that friend also want to share it with a guy who may consider building a better model for NBA? :lol:
  • Trends
    It would be a very cool thing to have done by someone but I believe Jim Mazur already does that for meet-specific handicapper books that focus on the best 100+ trainers during the Last 3 or L6 meets depending on the meet

    There are 5 different products that he sells on Saratoga alone for stats
    1) Saratoga Handicapper- Covers L3 meets on Post Positions/Running Styles 40% Club (trainers w/ stat that is 40% winners+) Profiles on the top 20 trainers and 80 mini profiles on the rest of the trainers plus more

    2) Blue Chip Trainer Plays- These are angles specific to the Saratoga meet that trainers have shown but there are specific criteria to follow:
    The trainer must have maintained a 12% winning average at the last three meets.
    • The angle had to score at least 3 times with 3 different horses.
    • The angle had to score at least once at the previous meet.
    • The angle had to produce a 33% win average and a 100% ROI.

    3) and 4) Saratoga Handicapper Stats L3 Years and PLUS Handicapper L6 years- Breaks down 100 trainers who were shown in the Handicapper book that covers all the stats you need to know about that trainer and how that trainer does in a specific category SPECIFIC TO SARATOGA NOT OTHER TRACKS! For example, did you know that Jorge Abreu during the L3 years at Saratoga with horses off 90+ days has hit a 12% clip (2 for 17) with an Itm rate of 29% BUT during the L6 years he is actually hitting at 17% (5 for 30) 37% Itm? You wouldn't know if you didn't have both books on hand!

    5) Saratoga Handicapper Trainer Detail- Lists the 100 trainers (I believe) from the books above with each trainer's horses that ended up winning with their specific info (LR raced days off surface joc, etc)

    It would still be a very cool idea for someone to do but if you wanted to take the guesswork out of the stats I would highly recommend Jim Mazur's products!

    He covers Saratoga/Churchill Downs (Spring)/Del mar/Oaklawn/Keeneland Spring-Fall/Gulfstream Park/Belmont Spring-Fall as well as info for the Triple Crown/Breeders Cup and his Pedigree information!
  • What Makes a Good Handicapping Show?
    Andy Serling is the best handicapper on the NYRA broadcast and Anthony is the best handicapper for media content and promotions in my opinion
  • What Makes a Good Handicapping Show?
    An excellent handicapping show to me is:

    *The show is reasonable in length and they spend a few even minutes on each race (especially the 2yo's stakes etc) I like to see at least 1 hour plus a few min before 1st post

    *You have knowledgeable handicappers on set (either former jockeys/trainers/owners or just handicappers in general) and typically 1 to 3 at best more than 3 makes it really crowded and probably more focused on the "better" handicapper opinion over the others

    *You break down each race as much as possible taking notes of each horse with their respective positives (jockey switch cutback distance etc) and negatives (hates sloppy track has a poor record on Turf etc) so the viewer knows what to look out for and what to REALLY look out for in terms of the negatives

    *You watch replays of the horses (going back to the negatives) of the ones who had troubled trips and explain why that start means improvement today

    *You help the newbies pick out good races to bet their money on and also help them with wagers (advice) or even put up the best chance to bet on

    *You give detailed notes on track bias/ j-t-o standings/troubled trip notes or whatever info is good for the public to know about like even how far the rails are out on the turf and if the track has been graded etc

    *Finally you have online access to the show via YouTube or Twitter/Facebook once the show is done and have links to your handicapper's important handicapping info if they provided them on the air and put up on the track's website for future use

    Basically, I am looking for a Good time that is all lol

    If the show has just selections without backup, what value does that give to the public to make betting choices?

    I probably missed something up there, but that sums it up well! I hope this helps Dave :)
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    9/26/22 Results
    2/10 Top (20.0%)
    7/10 T2 (70.0%)
    8/10 T3 (80.0%)
    8/10 T4 (80.0%)

    2022 FINAL Season Stats
    174/458 Top (37.9%)
    269/458 T2 (58.7%)
    326/458 T3 (71.1%)
    366/458 T4 (79.9%)

    Thanks, everyone for a GRAND @GrandRR season! Up next: @BreedersCup then @OaklawnRacing
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    9/23/22 Results
    0/9 Top (0.0%)
    2/9 T2 (22.2%)
    3/9 T3 (33.3%)
    6/9 T4 (66.6%)

    2022 Season Stats
    172/448 Top (38.3%)
    262/448 T2 (58.4%)
    318/448 T3 (70.9%)
    358/448 T4 (79.9%)

    Remember last day at @GrandRR is next Monday! Let's bounce back then everyone! #BetTheRiver
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    You're still rocking them Conley!!William Zayonce

    Thanks William! Yes I am trying my hardest to squeeze out a few more winners before the meet is over on next Monday

    Been kinda slow for that but I hope Friday and Monday will be good plays
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    9/22/2022 Results
    3/9 Top (33.3%)
    5/9 T2 (55.5%)
    8/9 T3 (88.8%)
    8/9 T4 (88.8%)

    172/439 Top (39.1%)
    260/439 T2 (59.2%)
    315/439 T3 (71.7%)
    352/439 T4 (80.1%)
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    9/19/2022 Results
    3/9 Top (33.3%)
    4/9 T2 (44.4%)
    7/9 T3 (77.7%)
    8/9 T4 (88.8%)

    2022 Season Stats
    169/430 Top (39.3%)
    255/430 T2 (59.3%)
    307/430 T3 (71.3%)
    344/430 T4 (80.0%)
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    9/17/2022 Results
    6/9 Top (66.6%)
    7/9 T2 (77.7%)
    7/9 T3 (77.7%)
    8/9 T4 (88.8%)

    2022 Season Stats
    166/421 Top (39.4%)
    251/421 T2 (59.6%)
    300/421 T3 (71.2%)
    336/421 T4 (79.8%)
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    158 +2 = 160 ..not 200..William Zayonce

    Yep I see that now stupid me thanks for keeping me in check my good friend
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    158/403 on 9/12 , then 200/412 on 9/14.
    9 races increased your total by 42
    William Zayonce

    Yes on 9/12 that is what my record was then I had 2 winners on 9 races


    So my win % jumped that much from 39.2 to 48.5 which makes sense

    I respect your opinion and you having a positive relationship with me but I am still very confused with what you are saying, William
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper

    You are probably correct I just don’t see that error honestly like 42 winners on top you mean or where I am confused here
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    Your top horse is hitting 48% winners?Dave Schwartz

    Correct! :)
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    9/14/2022 Results
    2/9 Top (22.2%)
    6/9 T2 (66.6%)
    7/9 T3 (77.7%)
    7/9 T4 (77.7%)

    2022 Season Stats
    200/412 Top (48.5%)
    244/412 T2 (59.2%)
    293/412 T3 (71.1%)
    328/412 T4 (79.6%)

    Hit 200 winners last night! Congrats to all! See you Friday!
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    9/12/2022 Results
    3/9 Top (33.3%)
    5/9 T2 (55.5%)
    7/9 T3 (77.7%)
    9/9 T4 (100.0%)

    2022 Season Stats
    158/403 Top (39.2%)
    238/403 T2 (59.0%)
    286/403 T3 (70.9%)
    321/403 T4 (79.6%)
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    9/10/2022 Results
    7/9 Top (77.7%)
    7/9 T2 (77.7%)
    7/9 T3 (77.7%)
    7/9 T4 (77.7%)

    2022 Season Stats
    155/394 Top (39.3%)
    233/394 T2 (59.1%)
    279/394 T3 (70.8%)
    312/394 T4 (79.1%)

    I was 6 for 6 heading into R7 but hey 7 winners are impressive! See you Monday #BetTheRiver