• Ray Wallin
    Good morning / afternoon / evening!

    I'm Ray and I have been playing the ponies for the last 32 years.

    I was introduced to the ponies by my late "Uncle Dutch" who, after serving a tour in Korea and three in Vietnam, went on to a career at Fort Monmouth until he came back from lunch one afternoon with a few beers in him and slugged a MP. At that point Uncle Dutch became a professional gambler.

    I was 14 at the time and my parents were going through a divorce. My mother wanted me to have a positive male influence in my life during my formative years, so it was Uncle Dutch who offered to watch me for the summer.

    That summer I spent every day either crunching numbers or on the grandstand apron at Monmouth Park. In between sucking down Buds and smoking Marlboro Reds, he taught me how to handicap. Uncle Dutch carried a black and white marble pad where he kept trip notes, trainer stats, jockey stats, tracked times, biases, and so much more (now it is all in the PPs).

    Fast forward a few years and he was bringing table felts to family holidays and teaching me how to play every casino game imaginable (I was proficient at counting cards in blackjack by the time I was 16).

    My late grandmother used to organize trips from her retirement home when we'd be down visiting her in Cape May to Atlantic City Race Course where she'd drop $2 to show on every gray (nothing beat being the only one on the bus under 80!. Up until the year she died (at the young age of 98) I would call her for every leg of the Triple Crown with my picks for that year (a tradition I still carry on with my mom).

    Fast forward a bit and I have been seriously playing since I graduated college in 1998 and have not had a losing year since then. I play small and the thrill for me is beating the game. I handicap and play the races and most major sports (I added the NBA to the list of leagues I conquered in 2021-22!).

    I've had a presence in some sort of way online since 2000 when I worked for a no-name tout giving out daily plays and then through a couple of other selection websites before taking a break when my oldest son was born in 2005. I found my way back and had written for the last six years for a site that pulled the plug a few months back and contacted Dave about finding a new outlet to share what I have learned (and more importantly, learn more from others).

    Glad to be the part of something bigger once again... handicapping is that itch that I always need to scratch, even if it is watching two cockroaches run along a wall, chances are I'll probably have a fair odds line and speed ratings figured out on it!
  • Dave Schwartz

    Welcome, Ray!

    Glad you're able to find time to get away from your job and all the coaching of kids.
  • RanchWest

    Welcome, Ray!

    As Ross Perot said, "I'm all ears."
  • Ken Fee
    Welcome Ray, a great interview by Dave with Ray on Pace makes the Race. https://pacemakestherace.com/interview-dave-schwartz-interviews-ray-wallin/
  • Steven
    Hey Ray! We're all glad you're here. This place is a great example of the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Or something philosophical like that.
  • RanchWest
    Welcome Ray, a great interview by Dave with Ray on Pace makes the Race. https://pacemakestherace.com/interview-dave-schwartz-interviews-ray-wallin/Ken Fee

    Thanks, good interview. Very interesting.
  • Dave Schwartz
    Thanks, good interview. Very interesting.RanchWest

    If you like that one, try this one.

    Using Monty Hall to Handicap (Ray Wallin)
  • RanchWest
    If you like that one, try this one.Dave Schwartz

    I like that one, too! I'm glad Ray is here!
  • Biniak
    There is an old saying, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts", that is a definition of synergy.
  • Ray Wallin
    "Eric Stratton, Rush Chairman, damn glad to meet you."

    Glad to meet all of you...

    @RanchWest I love the Ross Perot reference... little known fact that in HS I played the tallest Ross Perot in a mock election add. I still remember my opening line that, due to poor editing of a VHS tape was then duplicated... "Hi, I'm Ross Perot. I'm no slicked-windbag-read-the-cue-card-politician. I'm a business man..." (second verse same as the first)

    @Ken Fee I probably put Dave through heck with all the editing he had to do on that interview... but it was a lot of fun!

    @Conley Thanks for your kind words in the other thread about my musings over the last six years at USR (wasn't going to name the site directly, but since you did....) I have always enjoyed writing about the mindset of handicapping and different mental approaches. Like at work... I can teach people to do what I do, but I can't teach them how to "get it".

    @Dave Schwartz I only have one summer of coaching left! My run of Travel Soccer and basketball is over... but one more summer of (flag) rugby will be my swan song from making an impression on young adults unless someone wants me to take them all to the track instead of getting them out on the pitch!

    Let's have some fun!!!
  • Tony Kofalt
    Welcome aboard Ray. Great introduction!! Look forward to exchanging ideas
  • RanchWest
    Can we take a quick look at a current or recent race using Monty Hall?
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