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    Just some great conversations and techniques regarding pp methodology and the designing of software and codes.. Makes me wish at this point that I would have learned Python...or Java or started at the beginning with Basic...back in high school. Obviously, with advent of AI, will it dissect the past performances any more in terms of predictable models and machine learning. The game is still very much the same in terms of the fact that they are "living animals" that have games played with by owners, trainers and the little guys that ride them. The dumb public who are habitual gamblers or what we call the action players, to the serious full time guys .... who can afford to play everyday. I am at a certain age on whether I want to learn to code which would take years in order to build off my own knowledge and to take the time and money to spend on another purchased handicapping system. I have tried Betmix...too much coloring for me...I own Valuecapper 2.0 and no offense to anyone but Pizzolla did a masterful job at creating simplicity in terms of visuals and accuracy at times. I have checked into Unique or Joe from Ponypicker and like Dave has created a way to input your own system. I have learned from past performance charts...and to me Daily Racing Form is the best in terms in terms of visual comfort. I guess my next question is on your new Dave for Dave with his new release versions of AI, What kind of learning curve and will it be a downloadable in terms of pricing...data...etc. And I also wanted to thank you Dave with your help with the many questions I have asked with regards to adding to the arsenal i.e. learning Pars...creating speed ratings ..." Also Dave with everyone creating the horses final time against the winning time..i.e. formulator or post time daily, brisnet..generator...is the speed figure worth creating...Opinions matter... Sorry, I know you hate the long winded approach. Again, thanks as usual, the conversations both from Pace Advantage and here.
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    I'm sorry, but that post is just indecipherable to me.

    Perhaps you'd consider some paragraphs?
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    I was more or less saying thank you..
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    For your help regarding the pars and your SRI and answering question. I was also just mentioning about visual software with regards to learning how to code etc. I believe publications now like Brisnet PP generator and the Daily Racing Form do provide internal horse fractions and final times for the individual horse. So...you can use the par time against the individual time as opposed to race time if so be it.

    I was considering learning python online or Java etc. My guess is you have an understanding of all coding as well as on how to implement the advancements with AI. I was considering learning in order just to design my own and to learn as I go. I own Mike Pizzolla's Valuecapper 2.0. It is an excellent software in terms of the work and to me it is excellent in terms of visual use and simple to use.

    Like all softwares there are learning curves and data. However, your system is quite interesting HSH and like the fact that I can put together what I like and build database from there. Was interested in your new software and what it entails in terms of data, pp's or other data insert i.e. Brisnet, etc. and any approximates on pricing and or release.


  • Dave Schwartz
    Thank you for the rewrite.
    I'd definitely be in Python, if I were I not writing commercial software.
    It's an excellent FREE tool with a lot of FREE resources.
    The stumbling block for me is that there is no real way to protect the software or the code.

    I'd never consider Java. Just too slow.
    I do all my coding in a language called Clarion. I've been using the language since 1993.

    It is a 4GL, and is very expensive. The core language is a couple of Thousand dollars and the 3rd-party libraries bring the tab to around $6k.
    If you are not enamored to BIG DATA, I would suggest that you learn Excel.
    • I mean, really learn.
    • Take a simple online course that gets you up to speed.
    • Figure out what you to accomplish.
    • The hard part is getting data in and populating other sheets within the file.
    • Take another course when you need to learn something.
    HSH does not allow you to build custom databases. It does, however, allow you to FILTER the database about 15 ways from Sunday. (That 16th way will be the one you want.)

    There are roughly 3,800 factors for every horse, so there is a lot there.
    But it is a very intense program.
    Very flexible, but not the same as writing code.
    Finally, we get to the good stuff!

    I really tried to use BRIS as an import but the data just isn't robust enough. Plus, the speed, pace and class numbers are just not as good as what I'm used to.

    Then, of course, there is the issue of the way they want to compensate the developer. LOL

    But let's move on from all that.
    Yes, I credited my wife in my software for the first time.

    She's been my whiteboard partner for so almost 3 decades. But in the last 2 or 3 years, I have seen Beth's intellect just go ballistic! (There is a logical reason for that's for another day.)

    While Beth does not write code, she actually understands my whiteboarding. As I explain things to her, I am working through issues and problems - usually starting on a very base level.

    She actually helped me design the Artificial Intelligence within the software.
    About the deTerminator...
    It Determinates. LOL

    It is not about picks... although it does make good ones.

    It's real goal is to provide something that everybody wishes they had but nobody actually has:

    It does this by allowing the user to have information:
    • Nobody else has (by inventing its own factors).
    • The whales wouldn't use (because it doesn't fit their approach).
    • Produces a killer artificial morning line.
    • Calibrates who the whales are likely to be.

    It's coming and it will rock the world.

    Intro price will be $79 per month plus $100 per month to HDW for unlimited data.
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    Dongle or download
  • Dave Schwartz
    I'd never use a dongle.
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    When are u expecting to release or hope to release Dave? Also.. Doing finishing pars on my home track of Woodbine and man... so many different types of conditions and my question to you is... I know you narrow it down in your old video... but how much do you narrow down because some races are you know... end of the meet 1 5/16M etc. Some classes two or three. Obviously, a longer meet allows for such. Just curious. I know your software of your own does it for you..I am working with a homegrown..
  • Dave Schwartz
    I see it as two different steps.

    1. Build TRACK pars.
    That is, how fast is the TRACK across usable class levels?

    2. Build Class Levels
    That is, what speed does a class level usually run two across all usable distances?

    One THINKS it is only about #1 but the two work together.

    As your pars improve, so will your class levels.
    Then your class levels improve your pars.

    If you are trying to build a class par for each class/distance, it simply doesn't work.
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