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    The release candidate has gone to beta and should be actually released this week.

    Ranch West's Quick Grid Version 1.6 Release Notes:

    There is a new report for Past Performances. This includes some very exciting features. Clicking on the classification of the past race line will link to the Chart for that line in the user's default browser! Clicking on the Comments for the line links to the user's own Quick Grid Notes for that track for that day (link only exists if there is a Notes file) using the user's default browser! Also included are not only the leader times, but also the calculated split times for the horse! There is an option to include workouts to be meshed in with races in chronological order. Lines are color coded based on surface and track condition... light brown for fast dirt, darker brown for wet dirt, light green for firm or fast turf, darker green for wet turf, light blue for all-weather and white for workouts.

    EXPORT! For EVERY grid (Main Grid and all 16 Deep Dives), pressing the key <F6> (on some keyboards, you may need to press <Fn> and <F6> at the same time) will allow EXPORT of all of the data to a CSV (comma-delimited) file! Note that the data will be exported as the data type displayed. So, some of what appears to be a numeric data type will export as a character string data type. Export will allow users to more easily model factors. Users can also track the wins and profit margins of factors. Or, one user plans to customize the display size of the data through his own interface.

    The Contenders Report has been expanded into a second table with a lot of key data. There is a new calculation for Wet; the Wet number works the same as the Quick Grid jockey and trainer ratings, based on starts, wins, places and shows to give a number that is a quick reference. In between the two tables is the GSP (Giles Speed Points) and Strength, which can be compared to the SR (speed rating of the pace line race)... horses with a SR below the Strength number are very low percentage plays for the win position. The two tables of the Contenders Report are separately sortable.

    Taulbot Box points has been added to the Main Grid. This rating is based on position in the last three races within 90 days at today's race level or above. Ray Taulbot long ago said he only made maximum wagers on horses with about 16 or more Taulbot Box points (ymmv). Ray Taulbot was a famous handicapping author from yesteryear.

    A Race Evaluator Deep Dive has been added to help on decisions on whether to pass wagering on a race. Race Evaluator lists all races on the card. Included is the number of horses that have run exclusively and partially in foreign races. Also, number of entrants not marked scratched. And, number of first time starters. Plus, a lot of similar information for evaluating a race.

    The Detective Deep Dive has been expanded to include first on surface.

    Quirin Failures is William Quirin's concept for races that were below the performance that is expected today. There are 7 exceptions allowed. Horses with failures are very low percentage plays... one handicapper recently tracked 100 races and found 7 winners. Failures can be found on the Quick Grid Main Grid, Past Performances Deep Dive, Contenders Report and Past Performances Report. Quirin wrote the book Winning At the Races and created the popular Quirin Speed Points.

    The values for Good and IO on the Main Grid and the Contenders Report have been changed slightly to facilitate proper sorting on the Contenders Report. Periods have been changed to "x" and "30" has been changed to "G30".

    A bug on both Pace Deep Dives has been fixed. All-Weather lines were incorrectly showing as Dirt.

    For any questions, please phone 817-889-6212 or email .
  • Dave Schwartz

    Good fortune to you with this.
  • RanchWest
    Good fortune to you with this.Dave Schwartz

    Thank you very much, Dave.
  • Tony Kofalt
    Good luck Ranch!!
  • RanchWest
    Good luck Ranch!!Tony Kofalt

    Thanks, Tony!

    If anyone needs any screenshots or anything just let me know. I am working on a video for YouTube.
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