• Dave Schwartz
    Please take a moment and share whatever you choose about your programming.

    • What Languages do you use?
    • What languages are you fluent in?
    • Are you willing to consult/collaborate/help others here?
    • Do you need help with programming/coding?

    Remember that this is not a contest.
    We're all here to improve something.
  • RanchWest
    I am using Harbour.

    I've used a few other languages, mostly various flavors of BASIC. I am also fairly adept with web programming... HTML, CSS and a bit of javascript.

    Yes, I am willing to help others when I can.

    I don't currently need help. Harbour uses extension libraries for Windows. I'm running into a few issues there, but that is something I need to work out.

    I wrote my first handicapping program as a splits evaluation in the early 80's. I started on what I have now evolved to in the mid-90's.
  • Handiman
    Hello. The infamous Handiman here. Dubious of character with limited intelligence. Probably why I fit right into the horse handicapping game....LOL

    I have been coding for about 30 years, but still consider myself a Hobby coder. I have programmed in Pascal and Liberty Basic. Have worked a bit with spreadsheets, but do not consider myself proficient at them.

    I am always interested in learning new things and willing to help anyone I can. I look forward to whaat transpires here.
  • RanchWest
    I guess I should have mentioned that I was a professional programmer for about 20 years, using mostly Clipper.
  • Steven
    Hey gang. I'm a hobbiest too. I started with Power Basic for DOS way back when it first came out, moved on to PowerBasic console compiler and then onto PowerBasic for Windows. It's in version 10.03 and still 32 bit (no issues for me).

    That's about all I am familiar with although I have a couple of UDEMY courses in C# and Python. Neither of which I have progressed all the way through. I also own Pure Basic which looks pretty powerful and it is 64 bit.

    I like programming in that to me, it's sort of a cross word puzzle and Sudoku all rolled into one.
  • Biniak

    What a diverse group of programmers. YEAH. I am proficient in Excel, Access and VBA. I hope I fit in with this group of tech nerds. Will trade programming for baby food (or more likely handicapping help) but I am only fluent in English. I hope you appreciate the humor.
  • Chuck
    Dave are you still actually teaching coding? if so what types of code for a beginner
  • Dave Schwartz
    I don't teach coding.
    But I am willing to discuss strategy for accomplishing what you have in mind.
  • Chuck
    No, It is Chuck, you can delete my old profile because I changed my email address. I was reading the thread and thought it was about teaching coding. I guess I misunderstood. Because I use Google Sheets which is basically the same as Excel. Google Sheets uses Apps Script in order to code functions. Apps Script is Java based which you are able to use Python to be added. In saying that, I know you use AI and an old style cold from the 90's in previous conversations we have had. So I have decided to learn Java via Youtube. So, perhaps as I go, I will touch base in terms of strategies as you say.
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