• HSH Error message: Date Violation

    #HSH #Corrupt Installation

    First, the bad news.
    As per our phone conversation a few minutes ago, let me begin by saying that you are probably hosed.

    This is because almost every mechanical restoration approach will completely destroy your application because, as thou said above, it MIXES old files that it could restore with the newer files.

    Because database files are relational -- meaning they work together -- a partial restoration causes complete destruction of the system.

    In your case, this was made worse by the fact that it restored a program version that was from 3 years ago, despite the fact that your last backup was in June.

    BTW, if that backup is usable, you should be able to simply change to that drive, locate the HSH folder, and run from there. My guess is that you won't be able to because it is not a true, full copy of the folder.

    Hope I am wrong.

    Now the Good News.
    What you need is simply...
    • a brand new installation.
    • replacement of your data.

    This is an easy fix.
    • You don't send us a USB.
    • We assemble what you need, obviously with the newest version and your missing data.
    • Then we send you a USB.
    With a little more effort...
    • We put it in your Dropbox.
    • Then I meet with you and manually install it
    (This is a little more effort because your DropBox probably does not have enough storage for all the data at one time.)

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