• Stocks
    I agree 100%, slow and steady wins the race (investing and marathon mantra). I love VG and Dimensional funds for their passive approach. It also keeps the gov't hands off your returns.
  • Tom's Ulitmate Odds Line - The Software
    I also suggested for Dave to patent the acronym "BA LO" for future royalties $$$. Also, I believe a more effective measure of BALO is ROI.

    I am not sure where BOLO comes from, I see that verbiage used on Chicago PD to track the bad guys.
  • 2022 Preakness Stakes
    My next line is I was the jockey. So don't say "bad ride", it was just nerves.
  • Today's Vulnerable Favorites
    Bris has lifetime best SR listed to the right of the Lifetime consistency box. See #3 Thenorthrembers.

    [pdf removed]
  • 2022 Preakness Stakes
    Hey that was my 10k bet you're making fun of.
  • Picking Losers is the Best Whale Killer
    I just want to confirm that this is a re-post from a few years back?

    I am asking because in the KD Zoom meeting you were confident in your 2022 process.

    As usual...thanks or the intel.
  • Today's Vulnerable Favorites
    That would be nice! Look forward to it.
  • Today's Vulnerable Favorites

    I did a little research on your VF list as of 02-06 that you might be interested in. My hypothesis was selecting any of the other top 5 final odds horses would show a flat bet profit. Take a look and see if you can understand my spreadsheet. You will have to scroll down to see a betting summary. Then customize the filter on column O to "greater than or equal to 0.4"
    BALO (163K)
  • Today's Vulnerable Favorites
    I don't want to muddy this thread with daily updates on something theoretical but I will keep up on it and post the Excel file weekly or so to see if we can find a nice DTOP angle for eliminating short prices. What I can say is that on Day 1 none of the post-time favs were winners so promising start.Dustin Korth

    Dustin it has been a while since this post. Any updates?
  • Woodbine TB 2022 Selections Thread
    On a side note, how is your quest to be a Woodbine analyst going? Just curious.
  • Preakness trivia
    NICE history recap. Love it! Went to Pimlico today. Great weather for a change.
  • To Own Your Handicapping Day...
    Wanna hear something funny? Actually, have you ever asked someone that question and get a "NO" for a response?

    That's not what's really funny. I didn't have my glasses on when you wrote

    BALO - I like it!Dave Schwartz

    I read it as BALD - I like it!

    What is #BALO for?
  • Is there anything New?

    If you provide me a list of your VF (maybe a spreadsheet) I will do some research and report back to the team if I discover something. OK?
  • To Own Your Handicapping Day...
    One was a lack of early speed and the other was Jockey/trainer combo (but only on weekdays).
  • To Own Your Handicapping Day...

    I COMPLETELY agree on this principle. We should be heavily researching the races with a positive expectancy (to draw from my financial background). Everyone on the forum would immediately turn into a winning player if they mastered the "BA LO horse" and Dave you should copyright/patent your term for this situation!
  • Is there anything New?
    I once helped a guy structure a P3 ticket:
    All-5-All twice
    All-5-3 twice
    All-5-4 twice
    He hit it 4 times. The horse in the middle leg was Easy Goer, who won with win odds of 2/5 against 3yo's after beating older two weeks earlier (as sure as it gets). The P3 paid $1,600 (x4). So, this guy got better than 13/1 on a 2/5 horse.

    WOW nice story! Thanks for sharing it.
  • CODERS: How to write your own handicapping scripting language?
    HAHA try getting that tune out of your head.
  • CODERS: How to write your own handicapping scripting language?
    No problem you have a lot on your plate. I can see clearly now... the rain is gone. Thanks!
  • Is there anything New?
    Great points Tony.

    I wanted to ask you if your bets (Win% and ROI) in the vulnerable favorites races is higher than when a there is not a bad favorite? I know you are not a win bettor but maybe you have records. Thanks!
  • CODERS: How to write your own handicapping scripting language?

    My eyes are not what they used to be, but I can't seem to see it under Categories or anywhere else. Thanks!