• RanchWest working on a project
    It is the perfect tool for a casual player or weekend player for sure.
    Good job, Ranch.
  • RanchWest working on a project

    Truer words were never spoken!
  • Place / Show Wagering
    Mark Cramer once wrote that when testing angles, he wouls look for twice as many place horses as winners to validate his samples.

    Soiunded good to me, I looked at my records and found I hit twice a many places as wins,
    So i afdopted the strategy of betting 1 unit win/3 units on any selections going off at 9-2 or higher.

    Been very happy with it for years now
  • Result Charts as part of handicapping process

    You can choose the filters and what content you want in the PDF, then it saves as a seoeraye file, which can be annotated, but not by Formulator itself.
  • Result Charts as part of handicapping process
    I use the BRIS charts, alternative version, that shows the running line version.
    This gives me a quick view of the race in terms of where the horses came from.
    I can draw a mental line seperating front half and rear and see what horses made legit moves.
    I look at the race wiyh my pace figures to who did real running and who got compromised.
    I also like to compare times race to race.
  • Looking for suggestions regarding early speed and race setup
    Early speed, imho, is they key factor in most races. Many races are over 10 seconds into the running.

    No massive data studies, but some bought and paid for observations that have proven usefull:

    1. Many E horses can run as EP horses if they need to. Be very cautious labeling one a need-t-lead.

    2. An EP horse drawn inside may be forced to send early.

    3. An E horse drawn outside the other early speed may well sit off the pace.

    4. When 2 E horses are side by side,, re-examine the QSPs. An E4 may well show moe early speed than expected and challemge or even out-pace an E6 . QSPs, if limited to the lat 3 lines are as much form as speed. The E4 might well be an E7 or E8 when in good form. I use Dave's definition of an improving horse as good reason to look at back-speed.

    5. Dave's New Pace idea for rating early is tedious by hand, but excellent in practice.

    6. The Rs/Pos method by Jim Crammer iis excellent and structured enough to take out a lot of indecision.Much detailed iFREE nformation at HDW.

    7. If you use BRIS or have access to pace figuures, try adding the QSPs to the E1 or the E2 pace rating. I use B2L4 pace figs at E1.

    8. If you play NYRA, use the Track Trends column for rail bias, very good information.

    Great topic.
  • Do you ever?
    Rule 2: Don't assume you are, either! lol
  • Do you ever?
    I had scoped out a trainer move at FL years ago, invilving a cut back to 6furlongs. I made a major bet for a college kid, and then headed to the track bar. The trainer was there cucking down Seagrams, so I go next to him to listen in.
    He turned and looked ut at the track and looked surprised, I heard him say, "S***. I thought this a mile. Dsnged horse can't get started for the first 6!"

  • Do you ever?
    If I ever figure out how to enable luck, I'm not wasting it on horses...I'm going LOTTO! :)
  • What should an odds line be?
    Ranch, I agree that when a pace falls apart, the horses to look for are the ones running late.
    Normal factors won't always get it. When I use Timeform, the first thing I look for is the
    Pace Projector suggesting a hot, contested pace and then look for the best LP horses,
    particularly ones that show apparently dull recent races, ie, not hot paces.
    've caught a lot of very nice prices that way.

    Bris has race shapes in their PPs, but I find them to be ridiculous in many races.
  • Remarkable
    I do this it in FOXIT, a free PDF editor.
    I'm not sure I even know where my pen is anymore! lol
  • Chalk
    And Dave's Organize Your Handicapping gives a very effective way to identify which ones with the line scores and Reynolds 2 and Reynolds 3 idea.
  • Have you ever?
    I was using
    My Dog, I hope I'm not getting dyslexia!

  • Have you ever?
    So a ?

    What is the address for the store?
    I can't find a link anywhere.
  • Improve and Decline Rediscovered
    I watched the first few cards and am impressed with the racing.
    Frankly, I am pretty tired of Aqu, so the variety of conditions they card is interesting.
    I am starting a SWIW spreadsheet and think I will give FG a good shot this winter.
  • Improve and Decline Rediscovered
    Every horse is a D.
  • Improve and Decline Rediscovered
    One thing I am seeing so far is a good way to just say a race is not worth the rest of the work and move on.
  • Making an oddsline
    The numbers ranks, ie like Sartin outlined in the Yellow Manual, To simplify:
    EP SP AP
    1 3 2 = 6
    2 4 3 = 9
    3 1 4 = 8
    4 5 5 = 14
    I'm playing around with Randy Giles' Optimum Pace Model and want to incorporate either class or Bris PP into a final number.