• CODERS: How to write your own handicapping scripting language?
    Dave, did you set up the coders group? If so, may I join it? I do not seem to be able to find it under Categories.
  • Racing in the old days
    i had a buddy who I knew didn't have much money, but he would bet $100 to win. That's probably several times that in today's dollars. So, I asked him... why so much?

    So, he said, well I figured out... if I have money, i have women. If i have women, I have no money. So, the money is going away one way or the other. i might as well try to win enough to try to keep a woman just a little bit longer.

    Reminds me of the old guy who said "I spent 95% of the money I made on liquor and women. The other 5% I wasted!"
  • Old Racing System
    I can't remember how many of these kind of things I have bought in the past. For several many years, I would order one of these things, test it out on a few cards and then send it back in for a refund. I think almost everyone sent my money back to me.

    My favorite was "Super Horse". That's what I used to make and win my very first bet+. I'll did it up and describe it later.

    +Of course it never hit again like that very first bet though.
  • Benter speech
    If you had (say)...
    20 people doing studies for you
    5 statistical analysts (Master's Degrees or PhDs)
    2 quants
    20 people to watch races and fire the bets
    4 programmers
    ... Do you think your results might get better?
    Dave Schwartz

    Right there is why we can't be like the whales and bet like the whales.
  • Benter speech
    Go down if you win
    Go up if you lose
    Dave Schwartz

    That's sort of the result when I bet on something.

    If I win, then I have bet too little.

    If I lose, then I have bet too much.
  • F W I W
    Wow. I own some of these too.

    So many books, so little time!
  • CODERS: How to write your own handicapping scripting language?
    Frankly, I came up with this idea because of you guys.Dave Schwartz

    Cool. Do we get our name on the big screen in the closing credits?
  • CODERS: How to write your own handicapping scripting language?
    Count me in too. I'm sort of a one horse pony programmer meaning I'm comfortable with only one language but I'm always interested in improving.
  • What being a member here has done for me
    I am still very much a work in progress. Dave and I have had many conversations and I truly hope I can find a way out of the "refill the account" loop.
  • What's Winning
    You are most welcome. Hope it helps.
  • What's Winning
    Well, not a real database. It writes a csv file from drf and exotic results files and then I use excel to do the analysis and write the above report.
  • What's Winning
    Thanks Conley!

    It’s from a database program I wrote and is patterned after Dave’s “What’s Winning” workshop.
  • What's Winning
    What's winning at TAM so far in 2022
    TAM2022 (95K)
    TAM2022 (14K)
  • What's Winning
    What's winning at OPX so far in 2022.
    OPX2022 (95K)
    OPX2022 (14K)
  • Tom's Ulitmate Odds Line - The Software
    I think Steve probably gets it now.


    What is it Dave said in one of his workshops "Often wrong, seldom in doubt".
  • Tom's Ulitmate Odds Line - The Software
    Yes. A different speed rating. Thanks
  • Tom's Ulitmate Odds Line - The Software
    Should have checked in here sooner and looks like I misunderstood the COLLECTION SPEED rating.

    Dave, if you would be so kind, would you please remove both instances of UOL2.5?

    Thank you.