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    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to everyone!
  • Did I Imagine This?
    Thanks gang.
  • Making an oddsline
    You could also rank the values in ascending order and then

    IF RANK = 1 then OddsValue = 100*
    ELSEIF RANK = 2 then OddsValue = 90
    ELSEIF RANK = 3 then OddsValue = 80
    ELSEIF RANK = 4 then OddsValue = 70
    ELSEIF RANK >= 12 then OddsValue = 1
    END IF

    * These values can be any value you want. A Fibonacci series would probably work better.
  • Money Management for Sports Betting
    We're fine, no one was in the car and yes, old people have low deductibles!
  • Money Management for Sports Betting
    No one was injured, it was just a financial hit. Had to buy a new car.
  • Money Management for Sports Betting
    Okay, I have completed 100 bets 62 of them for real money. I stopped betting not because I ran out of money, things just got complicated around here when a tree fell on my car last week and totaled it. All bets were made before the event occurred and results were tabulated the next day. Least number of bets in a single day was 0 (or 1 if you want to look at it that way), largest number of bets in one day was 8. I won 58 bets and lost 42 for a 58% win rate. Flat betting an $11 unit, I bet $1100 total, won $580 (58 * 10) and lost $462 (42 * 11) for a flat bet win of $118. I figure this was beginners luck since I don't follow sports at all, but gives me confidence that I can hit at least the 52.5% (?) to break even with the vig.

    Some HMI questions.

    If I bet $11 and win, my return is $21 (the $11 bet plus the $10 win), a loss is -$11. So in the HMI spreadsheet, my bet is $11 (Column D) and my RETURN is $21 (Column G). I had to modify the Single Bets spreadsheet to get this result.

    Now for the life of me, I cannot figure out the Mini-Session spreadsheet, even with the HMI video. If I figure I use 5 bets for a session, do I divide the recommended bet (Column D) by the number of bets to be made EXAMPLE > Recommended bet $40, 5 bets to make, 40/5 = $8 I make 5 - $8 bets
    Do I use the recommended bet for each of the five bets EXAMPLE > Recommended bet $40, 5 bets to make, 40 x 5 = $200 or 4-$40 bets.

    I just can't seem to get this one right.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks Gang!
  • Money Management for Sports Betting
    Copy that. And thanks.
  • Money Management for Sports Betting
    I was wondering about HMI. I of course owe it and I’ll be reviewing it starting this weekend. Thanks!
  • Online Tote Boards
    FWIW, I usually just play via Amwager so I use their feed and just use it to view, no copy paste.
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    And they pay you to do this? Sounds like a dream job to me and be careful, you’re going to show up the other kids!
  • Dutching?
    It would seem to me (when I say that, it probably means "I don't do this but off the top of my head")...

    There should be some correlation between how many dutches you win and what your percent return should be. Just like you need to win 25% of your races at 3-1 to break even, dutching would require a minimum return to break even so based on some history, you may not dutch a race if it did not return your minimum dollar amount.
  • Dutching?
  • Dutching?
    This is a little document I wrote and sold on eBay, many, many, many years ago. I think I charged $6 for it and said the cost was the same as a $2 win, place, show bet so how can you pass this up. At the time it was my approach to dutching but I'm sure there are a couple of more out there. This was written with the pencil and paper handicapper in mind but lends itself easily to spreadsheets.
    How to Dutch and Parlay (102K)
  • Lurking Long Enough...
    Hey Ray! We're all glad you're here. This place is a great example of the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Or something philosophical like that.
  • Grand River's Newest Handicapper
    Congratulations! Where is Grand River?
  • I've been struggling with a fungal infection...
    Well Crap! Dave get better. It's just not fair you know!
  • Good day at Lone Star
    I handled the heat much better when I was young. Now it is a struggle.RanchWest

    I handled Everything much better when I was younger.