• Deleted User
    Do you have any screen shots of HSH as I may in the near future be interested in purchasing in order to build my own base. Secondly, do you have any screen shots of the new software you are building. Do not worry as not looking to steal anybodies ideas because I just have no idea on coding and have developed my own google sheet version. I also, saw a comment on the pace advantage blog about the world using excel and me using sheets. They are practically the same and I am sure the gentleman who made the comment has no idea that all these apps through google and Microsoft have pretty much become intertwined with tweaks here and there. P.S. there is a documentary and not sure if you have seen it but it is a pretty scary scenario regarding the future of AI and Sara Connor. It basically talks to the worlds top industrialists as well as the worlds top tech scientists and it goes on to say that AI can and already has and has the capabilities to boldly wipe out many 20 century job creations with your intelligence is easy to figure out that the future of any type of manufacturing at high pace is on the brink of complete destruction with the highly advanced robotic industries as well as most jobs pertaining to the financial sector, the customer service industry that is connected with all these industries.

    I have always maintained that the advancement of human technology as an extension of ourselves would be including the internet as you stated "that man destroys everything we touch" Human beings to a certain extent have to me and always been grass roots or can or should have to revert back to minimalist behaviour and is very basic, we need to eat, we need shelter, other things as I call them that we have evolved into are extensions of basic needs. If we continue to make human beings, than we have to continue to keep them working because everything we have connected to has evolved into a money exchanging systems based on existence. I have started to slowly believe that with what we have done to the planet as a whole because of this has caused god or mother nature to which I firmly believe will as "George Carlin firmly described in comedic style that we will not destroy ourselves but the planet itself will decide to be like a dog with fleas and decide to have a lot of big sneezes til it gets rid of us for good. LOL. P.S. let me know on the screen shots if you have..hope you are well.

  • Dave Schwartz
    I'm not ready to make screenshots of the new software yet.

    Still working on creating the factors.

    We'll dump some of the old ones - maybe 2,000 or so - and add about 1,000 back.

    Some of them are mind blowers.
    Like one I got from AUS - "Ran like a favorite" (or 2nd choice, 3rd choice, etc).

    Also, classing the races by mix of horses rather than a rigid class system.

    Thus, a $16k claiming race that is loaded with horses who should be able to run much faster, will show as such. Hint: Using high-level factors to make those class distinction. ("High level" means PSR, BRIS Prime Power, etc.)

    Oh, and there are now three factors that are similar to BRIS Prime Power. TWELVE if you use the HSH download!

    The list goes on and on.
  • Pete C
    Looking forward to the new factors Dave!!!
  • Dave Schwartz

    Update on this entire project.
    The AI appears to be training so well that the new factors may well have to wait until a later version.

    Shocked at how good this looks.

    Pushing to make my self-imposed deadline.
    Getting closer.
  • Tony Kofalt
    Thanks for the update Dave
  • Mark
    Really love that PDF! do you have anymore like that?
  • Dave Schwartz

    I suppose there are another hundred hours or so.

    What's your specific interest?
  • Mark
    No specific interest, I just liked watching it. I was wondering was there a 200 series.
  • Dave Schwartz
    There is a 200 & 300.
    We lost a streaming site a while back.

    They will be up when the new website & store go up.
  • RanchWest
    hey will be up when the new website & store go up.Dave Schwartz

    Got an ETA on that, Dave?
  • Dave Schwartz
    Got an ETA on that, Dave?RanchWest

    I've got a TARGET DATE but it keeps moving back.
    The website is finished, as is the store. But no content yet.

    Also need to hook the store to the new software to handle subscriptions and provisioning (of software on start up).

    The stumbling block is finishing the software's output. Under the hood is 90% finished, but the output is barely started. The good news is that the output is the easiest part.

    Meanwhile, in the background, the AI engine is doing its thing - developing artificial AGENTS who handicap and give opinions.

    Really some cool stuff coming out of this WHEN I get it together.

    Until then, it's all just vaporware and speculation.
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