• Conley
    This year my parents (including my brother) will be heading off to Saratoga in July from the 23rd to the 24th and we are getting tickets from a friend but there are still a few questions that I need to answer/ask before we go I appreciate it very much if someone can answer these questions! Super excited to go and if you are going on that day please let me know I would love to meet you there on Saturday!

    1) I know that there is accessible parking for Handicapped/Disabled people around the area (my Dad has Parkinson's and has bad gait issues now so he cannot walk far without his walker) so which parking lot would you suggest and is there a trolly or some ride service that can directly lead to the gate(s)? And would it be better to leave the car at the hotel or drive and park in a parking lot?

    2) Is there any good food options at Saratoga? And if so which ones would you recommend?

    3) For handicapping information, I see numerous locations around the track, but what do they sell besides the Daily Racing Form and Post Parade programs? And prices? And is there anywhere else I can get info from (ex Thorograph inside near a booth like Belmont)

    4) I know I will be making my own handicapping selections but just for fun I wanted to pick up a few tipsheets along the way before heading in so is that still a thing for "hawking" tipsheets or is that just the PinkSheet now? If so then how many tipsheet people are there?

    5) I see that there are binocular rentals how much are they to rent and is it worth paying to use them or just bring my own from home?

    THANK YOU very much to everyone who replies to this!
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