• Steven
    Anyone like to play craps?
  • Jim Pommier
    1 or 2 times per year. I'd much rather go to the local OTB and wager on horses than go to the casino. Tables are all $10 and up in the Chicagoland area. Maybe an occassional $5 table during slow hours. Prefer $5 or even $1 just to have fun, but there's usually none when I'm there. You can go through $200 pretty quick on a cold or choppy $15 table. I play a basic pass/no pass, then take the odds. Also, place the 6 and 8, or the 5 or 9 if the 6 or 8 is the point. When I roll, I like to stack one die on top of the other with the 2's facing up and a soft roll to the wall. I sometimes roll pretty good doing this. I've been told to stop doing it two times now over the past few years when I was on a good roll. I'm sure Dave has a whole lot of crap stories from his days working at the casinos.
  • Dave Schwartz
    I'm sure Dave has a whole lot of crap stories from his days working at the casinos.Jim Pommier

    You have no idea. LOL
    Far more for Blackjack and general casino environment.
  • Bill Madsen
    Used to go to Vegas 3 or 4 times a year. When Vegas stopped all the freebies it just became too expensive and I stopped going as often. I used to love craps. Made a couple of pretty good scores.

    But my favorite game was always bj. Did very well back when you could play single decks.
  • Steven
    I’ve heard some of Dave’s stories on more than one of his videos.

    I like craps in that the house edge is like 1.4% unlike racing that what, starts at 14% or higher.
  • Dustin Korth
    I had a friend I took to play craps once. He would take his time "setting the die" then just before rolling mix them up vigorously and throw. I kept laughing and making fun of him because the mixing makes the whole setting the die irrelevant. Well, of course beginner's luck kicked in and he proceeded to hit the Small-Tall-All Bonus on his very first craps roll winning everyone who was in on that bet 246 to 1. Everyone at the table told me to shut up and leave him alone after that. Absolutely unreal, lol.
  • RanchWest
    What's fun is to watch a group of coaches shooting craps. They like to give the image that they might gamble at any moment. :)
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