• Any opinions on this practice?
    As an MJC owner, "Kickbacks from Jockeys and agents to barn staffs is a new one for me."

    And I've been an owner for a while now. Whacked?

    When I won a race, I gave everyone involved at least $50, even a former trainer (to sooth his pride).
  • Tom's Ulitmate Odds Line - The Software

    That is way cool. Please keep the updates coming. Good luck this weekend!
  • Chaos
    I was reading over this thread and recalled a discussion I had a with friend regarding chaos races. My friend noticed less predictable results when handicapping a race where entrants had not run to PAR. I remember doing a brief test about 10 years ago after our discussion. What I did was compare my projected figs to the race PAR. In my case it was the Beyer PAR. Some time has passed so I don't have the actual test data but I do recall seeing more unusual results in those races.
    Has anyone conducted any similar tests?
    Tony Kofalt

    I have tested this with Equibase Pars, without enough occurrences for a conclusive decision. Hopefully we can get other "Think Tankers" to chime in.
  • Chaos
    Hey Tony,

    Did Ranch's response answer your question? If not, I'll find a BEL race from last weekend.

    In my research, a lot of maiden races and 3-year-olds have less than 15 speed points.
  • Chaos

    BTW it seems to me that there should be another way to measure ES other than QSP. I realize QSP are reliable but have diminished betting value.
  • Chaos
    Oh Randy Giles.

    No, add all the QSP together and divide the individual horses by the total. If the highest value is 15% that what I was referring to. For example, Horse A has 7 QSP and the total for the race is 47.

    Did I explain it correctly?
  • Chaos
    Have either of you two tried/tested Quirin Speed Point percentage? When it's less than .15 weird happening occur.
  • How will they run?
    "Eric the Anchor"Tom

    Very funny!
  • 2022 Belmont Stakes
    Thank you Jack!
  • Fixed Odds Experiment in NJ
    From David Richardson, "Yes we are close with Dennis Drazin in NJ and have been well aware of his efforts" was the response to whether the Stronach folks are monitoring Fixed Odds at MTH.
  • Fixed Odds Experiment in NJ
    I just sent an email to Georganne Hale and another executive inquiring if they are monitoring this effort.

    Two important states? Not MD?
  • Fixed Odds Experiment in NJ
    It is a step in the right direction, I am going to put the bug in the Stronach folks.
  • Ticketmaker
    How about a releasing a Beta version?
  • Anything Better than APV or EPS for a Class Rating?
    Every study I have ever done indicates that no variant outperforms any variant.Dave Schwartz

    So why not just use raw times?
  • What's Your Favorite Dave Schwartz Product?

    How have you applied "HTMA" for the horses?
  • I've been struggling with a fungal infection...
    Wow. And your doctor is or is not concerned?
  • I've been struggling with a fungal infection...
    What happens if you sleep with a plastic bag on your foot? Definitely not a doctor but I sleep at Holiday Inns occasionally.
  • Good day at Lone Star
    I visited Dallas a few years ago and ran most days in the heat. It was 105+ degrees but it was less humid than Baltimore. Still felt like a frying pan. Here's a picture outside of the American Airlines Center.
    Rising Star Bafooning (365K)