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    Yes.. I keep coming up with different experimental ideas to see if they work or fit.. Many times they end up with the same result, the favorite goes off as the fav. and the speed is the speed. like the Impact Values. state, the truth is handicapping is handicapping, as you add or try to quicken to being at least the proper contenders which helps bring the numbers much closer.. I hope to purchase new version of the impact value seminar and book..
    Was also curious if you incorporate the winning margin of horses based on your SRI into your Par Times and Classes. Was wondering if do the weighing in terms of the amount of races that are run at different classes in terms if you base those winning margins and the Running style i.e. 9 on Top E. and your measurement of 1 for closing.
    No, It is Chuck, you can delete my old profile because I changed my email address. I was reading the thread and thought it was about teaching coding. I guess I misunderstood. Because I use Google Sheets which is basically the same as Excel. Google Sheets uses Apps Script in order to code functions. Apps Script is Java based which you are able to use Python to be added. In saying that, I know you use AI and an old style cold from the 90's in previous conversations we have had. So I have decided to learn Java via Youtube. So, perhaps as I go, I will touch base in terms of strategies as you say.
    Dave are you still actually teaching coding? if so what types of code for a beginner