• Did I Imagine This?
    Well I may have had a stroke..... but I swear there was some new discussion on Monty Hall in a current blog/thread last week.
  • HSH 9.1 (Pre-Release Announcement)
    Any update on new version of HSH? Thank you
  • HSH 9.1 (Pre-Release Announcement)
    "Special note: If you ever bought HSH, you can come back with a new install at no cost."
    Dave, can you please define - come back - do you have to subscribe for a period of time or is it just free with the idea punters will at least subscribe for a couple months to kick the tires on the new software. Thx
  • My New Software is coming: The STUDIO

    Free - no, but that business model works for HTR.

    In every example you give for purchasing the software, you list a $12 monthly fee, then describe it as - "The $12 per month is for subscription to this website which includes:
    Products from our store.
    Special stuff like picks from our software, etc."

    My question is, is the $12 an additional REQUIRED monthly fee to use the software once purchased?

    Example, I choose option 2, $147 for Basic software, $142 per month to HDW for any given month I choose to play, then it appears you want another $12 per month. Is that clear enough for you?
  • My New Software is coming: The STUDIO
    So if you don't pay $12/month you can't use the software?
  • My New Software is coming: The STUDIO
    Should be interesting - good luck
  • The "Spot Play" Rabbit Hole
    Irrespective of your handicapping spot plays. I back into from how much $ do i wanna make and what is my roi? Whats my time worth etc.

    Say you can make 10% on your spot ewagers you've discovered. So say you are using HDW for data, you are in the neighborhood of $130 month. You need to push $1300 thru the window per month to break even. 4 weeks/month and your gonna play 4 days a week - 16 days - for easy math call it 13 days
    So you gotta pump $100 a day. How many spot plays you gonna get and what is your comfort level betting per race.

    This sounds pretty obvious but some folks miss it. Good luck with your endeavour.