• RanchWest working on a project

    Thanks, Tom.

    While the program doesn't have some of the sophisticated tools that a program like HSH has, I think it does have fast ways of digging out important nuggets. And, I am working on more of those. It's got a lot of little things, like a grid with the silks and color of the horse to make it easier to watch a race.
  • RanchWest working on a project
    Thanks, Jack. I am doing much better now. Still not perfect, but much better.

    I had a constricted esophagus for years and lost from 179 to 120 pounds. Then I had undetected heart problems. Had quadruple bypass surgery last September.

    I wish it could be different, but users will have to do their own program performance research. In the meantime, I make no wild claims. I just put some good factors out there to try .
  • RanchWest working on a project
    i do want to point out that I do not in any way promote Quick Grid as being a selection program.

    Quick Grid is a tool to assist in making selection decisions.
  • RanchWest working on a project
    Jack, no, my health has been such that I have not been up to maintaining results or databases for quite some time. I have had portions of this program going for over 25 years, so I do have some insight as to which factors are best.

    All I can tell you is my opinion on which are best.

    The odds line favorite wins a lot, but usually at low prices. On chalky days, it will usually have about 50%..
    The BPPELO has a high share of winners among those ranked in the top 5.
    S-Factor has been very impressive, but a little chalky. It does get some horses in the 3/1 - 5/1 range and a very few higher.

    The others catch a lot of winners, but the three listed above impress me the most.

    If you track all of the different Scott form factors, you can find some valuable information, both positive and negative. Especially negative. Many years ago I tracked 133 different combinations. Some were pretty dreadful. For instance, N0-sg was 3 of 83, 3.6% with an avg mutuel of $7.47.

    These are all from the Odds, Speed and Form sections. I'd say the best prices come from Pace and Class.
  • RanchWest working on a project
    And they’re not just a little off. Often it is E to S or vice-versa. Very misleading. And I know that a lot of people really depend on the running styles.
  • RanchWest working on a project
    Thanks, Dave. The program has a lot of unique or rare features. For instance, the past performances...

    One of the Deep Dives is the Past Performances, a treasure trove of easy-to-read information. Its layout is similar to regular printed PPs, but with far more data and a few little bonuses. Next to "good" races is the word "GOOD".. no analyzing required. In the company line, there's no font manipulation, it actually says "NOW" for next out winners and "TDY" for horses in today's race. Next to comments, there is an asterisk (*) if the comment has word(s) that suggest a troubled trip. Lines that were run outside North America actually have the word "foreign" written out. And, not only are there the times of the leader, but also the times of the horse with each fraction plus the splits for every running line! And, previous trainers have a rating that is consistent with how the current trainer is rated on the Main Grid. And, the official finish position is clearly shown. Just a few of the features!

    Another unique offering is the Alternate Running Style. The published running styles are often wrong.

    I tried to do what Dave does... I THOUGHT about what should go into a program.
  • RanchWest working on a project
    The program is called Quick Grid. It is scrolling grid data with a Main Grid and currently 10 Deep Dive grids. Plus some bonuses. It works from BRIS single files, DRF or Multicaps.

    I don't want to intrude on Dave's bandwidth here, but if anyone wants to know more, please email me at .

    I've also started a Facebook page:

    I remain friends with Dave and recognize both the quality of his products and his contribution to handicapping.
  • Result Charts as part of handicapping process
    For anyone interested in chart handicapping, on YouTube there is a video called Handicapping Horses Chart Handicapping by Derbyologist Horse Racing. It is 10:26 long. I think it is worth the view.
  • Could Chad Brown be the key to both Aqu P5's today?

    I didn't have a chance to look until late in the day. Apparently your logic was good. Horse was a vet scratch. I agree with your approach. I look at the auction price and the claiming price.
  • Result Charts as part of handicapping process
    Would there be plenty of room for mistakes? lol
  • Place / Show Wagering
    From the people I have encountered, recreational handicappers frequently look to high percentage plays for their enjoyment. Professionals look for profit. And there are a lot of folks in between.
  • Result Charts as part of handicapping process
    Thanks Ranch. You make a good point as we must balance the 'time investment' in the handicapping process. Formulator does offer quick and easy access to result charts and toggles back to the PP's.Tony Kofalt

    I've never tried Formulator. Seems like a good product.

    One thing I learned from Dave was that my process should be my priority and should be concise and organized. That has helped me a lot.
  • Place / Show Wagering
    Now to answer your question I think I am betting the horses in the correct proportions but rarely do I bet 2 or 3 horses to winConley

    I remember one day at the track I told a guy I was going to bet two horses to win. He laughed and told me you can't make money betting two horses to win. I laughed and told him that last race I bet three horses and hit a $51 horse.

    It isn't where you start... it is where you end up.
  • Place / Show Wagering
    Jim, are you making a profit on your place and show wagers?
  • Result Charts as part of handicapping process
    I do look at the "company line" next out winners from the last 10 starts. And, I do look at the prior matchups of today's horses back 10 races. I seldom look at the charts... I haven't found it to be the best use of my time, but your mileage may vary and I could be on the wrong path.
  • Place / Show Wagering
    For me, I prefer a wager that is solid but with a higher return. I had Very Subtle when Groovy had a million plus to show and finished off the board.
  • 2nd type chaos race

    I suppose we all have slightly different definitions of chaos. For me, one definition is a race where the horses that will default into the lead don't ordinarily expend their energy early, regardless of where they have been in the past positionally. Sometimes there is a horse that is superior and can overcome the pace scenario that is unsuitable, so I get leery about an odds-on favorite being in a race that looks to devolve into chaos, though it is certainly possible. I have seen this form of chaos happen with as few as 6 horses, but it usually takes at least 7 horses to provide enough of this fake front end pressure to precipitate chaos.

    By any measure, chaos is when horses cannot maintain the front end, at least by my thinking.
  • Void claims

    Good points and thank you.

    But I figure that just because the vet thinks the horse should be able to finish the race alive, I still don't know whether the horse is just a victim of paperwork or might be below normal. Or, if paperwork, maybe above normal.
  • Void claims

    Yes, excellent point.

    When I see a horse with a voided claim, it tempts me to pass the race since I have no idea what the real status of that horse is.