• Tim Yatcak
    Started as The Dinner Party Stakes in 1870. Winner THERE was Preakness owned by
    Milton Sanford. The colt was named after his farms in Kentucky and New Jersey. Preakness is derived from the language of the Minisi Indian Nation of New Jersey: in thier language , "pra-qua-les" means "quality woods."

    Older than the K Derby but it has not run continuously. Run at three different tracks (two in New York) it has been run at 7 distances from 1 mile to a mile 3/4.

    Of note, and interesting running in 1947 became of undoing of a then, famous radio sports announcer, Clem McCarthy, as he wrongly called the winner on LIVE coast to coast radio. He was unable to get back up into his regular spot and had to call the race low in the grandstand, where the field, from his point of view, disappeared behind infield garandstand seats.He assumed the colt leading before they went behind it was the same coming out the other side. It was not: Fautless was the winner over On Trust and the good one Phalanx.

    in 1890, the race was open to 3 year olds and up. A 5 y/o Montague won that version as the only mature horse winner of the race.

    Slowest Preakenss? CITATION (1948) 2:02 2/5 over a heavy track.

    Only a single DQ (should have been two others: Codex and Sunday Silence) and that was Dancer's Image who ran 3rd but was DQ'd

    Track is speedier than the other two legs of the Triple Crown and the shortest distance of the three
  • Biniak
    NICE history recap. Love it! Went to Pimlico today. Great weather for a change.
  • Tony Kofalt
    That was fun to read Tim. Good job
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